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Tic Tac 2g in paper bag - Amount in package: 1000pcs

146,67 € excl. VAT (177,47 € incl. VAT) 0,14 € excl. VAT/pcs

Reklamní cukrovinky

Product code

Package weight
2.6 kg

1000 pcs

Variant does not exist

delivery 14 days - After approval of the graphic proofreading

2 Promotion Tic Tac candy in paper bag with digital print. Tic Tac's Flavour is orange or mint. More

2 Tic Tac in paper bag with digital advertising print

Small paper bag full colour printed, filled with 2 Tic-Tac's (mint or orange flavour).

Why to have it? Eco-friendly and refreshing, the paper bag filled with 2 delicious Tic-Tacs.

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Promotion candy in small packaging with custom imprinting - a nice treat for your customers or employees.
Tic tac candy fit in any pocket or bag. They are refreshing candy that make everyone happy to have them. Just pull them out of your pocket and let them refresh you. Everybody will perk up immediately. If the worst comes to the worst, they'll quench your thirst for a while.

Prepare small company Tic Tac mints with your own imprint to give everyone a positive reminder.
Even a little something like this will help your business flourish!

 Product details

Dimensions 35 x 52 mm.
Tic Tac's Flavour orange, mint
Tic Tac's Packaging 2 candies in the package
Weight 2 g
Minimum order 1000 pcs
Tic Tac's Expiration 12 months
Advertising print

Digital full colour printing.

Sold only to entities with a valid ID number.

Minimum order is 1000 pcs.

The price includes advertising printing.


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Amount in package 1000pcs, 3000pcs
Print full colour, included in the price