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Lollipop trail blue - Amount in package: 600pcs

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4,39 € excl. VAT/box (100 pcs)

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Eye-catching lollipops for children - trail shape, blue colour, fruity flavour. Gluten free. In a pack of 100pcs. More

Blue lollipops for children with unusual foot shapes will light up children's eyes and make them smile from ear to ear. The unusual shape of the lollipop is a magnet for children that every boy and girl will crave at first sight.

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The blue lollipop has a fruity flavour and is gluten-free. The children's lollipops come packed in a blue box of 100.

The gluten-free fruit lollipops for children are a small confection that is suitable for children's events, competitions and camps. You can use them as a reward at various school and after-school activities or as a small treat for Children's Day, birthdays or holidays.


Shape: footprint
Color: blue
Flavour: fruity
Lollipop weight: approx. 13.9 g
Number of pieces per pack (box): 100 pcs
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Minimum purchase is 1 box (100 pcs).

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Amount in package 100pcs, 300pcs, 600pcs
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