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Fruit soft drink in glass 330ml - Amount in package: 200pcs

821 € excl. VAT (993,41 € incl. VAT) 4,10 € excl. VAT/pcs

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90 kg

200 pcs

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delivery 3 - 4 weeks - After approval of the graphic proofreading

Promotional soft drink with custom all-over printing. 6 flavours. Volume 330ml. Quantity discounts. Min. quantity 100 pcs. More

Fruit lemonade with custom printing in glass

Delicious soft drinks in attractive packaging with your own logo and design - this is the attention that will delight and refresh you and your colleagues.
Even your customers will appreciate a little attention in the form of quality and delicious promotional drink. Your logo and design on a paper label will remind your customers of your quality service and the positive emotions they experienced. Choose from 6 popular flavours (gooseberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, rhubarb)

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Advertising lemonades in glass can circulate in different places and be in the hands of many people. This means that your brand will be ubiquitous and reach many potential customers.

Prepare a moving advertisement. People often carry bottles with them, whether they are traveling, going to work or attending events. This means your brand will move and have the opportunity to reach new people.

You can put your logo, slogan and graphics on paper labels. This allows you to create an attractive and eye-catching design. Well executed advertising on glass bottles brings many benefits to the awareness of your company and its products..

People can keep the promotional drink in glass as a souvenir or reminder of your company. This leads to positive associations with your brand.

Promotional soft fruit drink come with a full color imprint on the paper label. We can also help with graphics.

Specification fruit soft drink in glass:

Volume 330ml
Available flavours: gooseberry, blackcurrant, redcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, rhubarb
Label with your graphics
Shelf life 6 months

Advertising print on fruit lemonades in glass:

full colour digital printing

Sale only to entities with valid ID number.
The minimum subscription is 100 pcs.
The price includes full-screen advertising printing.

Do not overlook!  

Upload a prepared file with graphic materials (see the Upload a graphics file tab) so that we can prepare a preview of the print for you. Once the preview is approved, we will produce a quality product for you. Please read the "Requirements for product graphics" for information.

Don't have your own graphics in curves? Have us create a graphic for you.

Amount in package 100pcs, 200pcs
Print full colour, included in the price
Flavor Black currant, Strawberry, Raspberry, Redcurrant, Gooseberry, Rhubarb