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Advent calendar House - Amount in package: 500pcs

4 359,56 € excl. VAT (5 275,07 € incl. VAT)
8,71 € excl. VAT/pcs

Reklamní cukrovinky

Product code

Package weight
78 kg

500 pcs

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delivery 4 - 5 weeks - After approval of the graphic proofreading

Advent calendar with your own print. House shape. 24 chocolates Ritter SPORT mix, 120 g. Quantity discounts. More

Advent calendar in the shape of a house

Advent calendar The house is filled with goodies such as colorful Ritter SPORT Chocolate Bites. Another variant of the filling is mini chocolate bars of the brand Sarotti or noble mini chocolate bars of the brand Lindt Sprüngli. A chocolate advent calendar - a house printed with the company's own Christmas motif is an original pre-Christmas gift that catches the eye at first glance. Full-color printing of the Advent calendar cover is included in the price.

I will also look at other promotional Christmas goodies!

What to give as a Christmas present?

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Do you want to make your employees happy and thank them for their work? Do you want your business partners, clients or customers to remember you? Give them an advent calendar with your own print and delicious branded chocolate. In this way, you can prepare an inconspicuous promotion for your company thanks to the unique print on the calendar cover. You can use the area of the house for full-color printing with your own Christmas design, company logo and advertising slogan. The custom advertising motif makes the advent calendar an unmissable advertising item.

Advent calendars are a popular and traditional gift before Christmas. They make the time before Christmas more pleasant and bring joy to children and adults. One small chocolate every day will satisfy the taste buds. Looking at an attractive advent calendar is a fond memory of your company or yourself. So don't forget to include advertising advent calendars in your marketing mix, which help companies successfully build their brand.

Product details

Weight 120 g
Contents 24 pieces mix of Ritter SPORT chocolate pieces (120 g) - sold out
Request a calculation for other possible fillings:
Sarotti mini chocolate bars in four different flavors, mixed, 100 g;
or noble mini chocolate bars of the brand Lindt Sprüngli
Minimum order 250 pcs 
Additional information Material solid cardboard box with FSC certification
Dimensions 160 x 150 x 70 mm
Expiry date 31.1.2025
Product packaging cartons containing 10 pieces, 4 cartons per shipping carton
Advertising print

Full-colour digital printing

Sale only to entities with a valid ID number.

The minimum order is 250 pieces.

The price includes advertising printing.

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Amount in package 250pcs, 500pcs
Print full colour, included in the price
Type of chocolates mix
Brand of chocolate Ritter Sport
Amount in package 250pcs, 500pcs
Print full colour, included in the price
Type of chocolates mix
Brand of chocolate Ritter Sport