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The most original of the original. Quality chocolate coins are made from the finest ingredients and feature original embossing to make each chocolate coin near perfect. What is truly unique about quality chocolate coins is the ability to custom emboss. This means that you can have your own design, logo, or even message stamped directly into the gold wrapper of the chocolate coin on each coin. There is only one flavor of chocolate coins and that is milk.

We produce quality chocolate coins in 2 sizes: 41 mm, 34 mm.

Chocolate coins can have a cover made of aluminium in 3 versions: gold, yellow, silver

Delight your clients and business partners at meetings and business meetings. Give an original chocolate coin with your own design. An original quality chocolate coin is a nice souvenir of a meeting with you. Gift your customers and business partners with an originally packaged milk chocolate in the shape of a coin.

Serve good coffee in your restaurant with an original chocolate coin with your own advertising design. Original chocolate coins catch the eye at first sight. Your company logo will remain in the memory of customers and clients for a long time. Everyone will be sorry to eat such a nice gold coin right away and many will first play with it and turn it over in their hands several times.

Specifications of chocolate coins:

Type of chocolate: milk chocolate

Chocolate coin dimensions: diameter 41 mm and 34 mm

Weight: 4,35g and 6,8g

Shelf life of chocolate coin: 12 months

Packed in a box of 2500


Chocolate coins with embossing

Personalised chocolate


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