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Thinking about gifts for Children's Day? International Children's Day (celebrated on June 1) is a day full of joy, games and of course - sweets! If you're looking for something more than the usual candy and lollipops, our collection of custom-printed promotional candies offers you a unique opportunity to celebrate this special day with a touch of corporate identity and originality. 

You can read why our promotional candies are the best choice for celebrations and why you should keep them in mind for this year's Children's Day.

  • Originality with your own print:
    We present you the possibility to create your own design for our confectionery, which will be completely unique and customized to your needs. Children will be thrilled to see their favourite sweets with an attractive, colourful print.
  • Creative packaging for children's enjoyment:
    In addition to custom printing, we also offer creative packaging options that make each package a real treat. From original boxes to brightly coloured bags or promotional bags, our promotional sweets will feel like a little treasure that's hard to resist!
  • An unforgettable experience for little tongues:
    Every children's event should be special and unforgettable. Our promotional sweets for children not only guarantee a sweet taste, but also create an atmosphere full of joy and happiness. Your children will remember this day for a long time!


Unique sweet gifts for Children's Day

Inspiration for sweet gifts for Children's Day

Looking for the perfect sweet gift to celebrate International Children's Day? Check out our tips for original sweet gifts that will light up the faces of your little ones:

  1. Chocolate coins with embossing: Bring children into the world of fairy tales with our chocolate coins with embossing. Each coin features a gold ducat design that is reminiscent of the magnificent treasures from fairy tales. Children will feel like real princes and princesses when they hold these magnificent coins.
  2. Heart-shaped gingerbread: Express your love and affection to children with our heart shaped gingerbread men. Each piece is carefully crafted to evoke a feeling of warmth and joy. The heart-shaped gingerbread is not only delicious, but also a symbol of love and friendship.
  3. LIPO candies: With their taste and unique shape, they are the ideal gift for every child. You can be sure that you will bring joy into the life of your little candy lovers.
  4. Big round lollipop: Weighing in at 12.5 grams, these big lollipops are big enough to keep kids busy for a while in endless curious licking. Each lollipop brings not only a sweet taste, but also lots of fun.
  5. Surprise in the car: Why not make the gift more fun? Introducing our surprise in a small van! Each small car contains Mentos chewy candies or another filling of your choice. This will definitely be a big hit among kids who love surprises and different treats!

Let the kids experience an unforgettable day full of sweet tastes and joyful excitement with our original promotional candies!


Popular Children's Day gifts - Promotional sweets

Promotional sweets for children


You can also use promotional sweets as gifts for children at other children's events:

  • Easter
  • Fairytale Day
  • Summer and suburban camps
  • Starting school
  • Lessons on the traffic playground
  • Carnivals and fancy dress balls
  • St. Nicholas, Advent and Christmas
  • Winter ski courses
  • Company parties and events during the year
  • And other events related to sports, educational and leisure clubs and school lessons.

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