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From bunny to gingerbread: Inspiration for Easter Sweets with custom prints

The approaching holiday of Easter brings not only expectation in joyful moments with loved ones, but also the opportunity to express your gratitude to your employees through delicious flavors. For companies, this means a special opportunity to combine traditional Easter sweets with a corporate touch. From cute chocolate bunnies to original gingerbread buscuits decorated with the company logo, this article will guide you through the world of inspiring Easter sweets.

Promotional Easter sweets not only delight the taste buds, but also leave a memorable impression linked to your corporate identity. Get ready for Easter so you can cheer up your employees, business partners and customers with unforgettable Easter treats that carry your brand.

Easter and Easter sweets with custom printing

Easter is a significant holiday associated with renewal and new beginnings. This holiday is celebrated by Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, symbolizing victory over death and the hope of new life. It is also a time when families gather, share joyful moments and express love and respect for one another.

Giving Easter sweets with your company imprint brings more than just a sweet taste. This tradition brings joy and harmony to the festive season. By adding a personal touch such as a company logo, motif or message, the gift becomes a unique and personal expression of attention and gratitude.

Custom imprinted Easter sweets are a way to connect your business to the joyful moments of your employees, business partners or customers. They create memorable experiences associated with your brand while promoting the atmosphere of sharing and joy that Easter brings. Gifting these sweets becomes a symbol of friendship, connection and care during this special season.

Tips for exclusive Easter sweets:

In the Sweet-promo shop we bring you an exclusive collection of Easter sweets that combine tradition with a subtle advertising message. 

  • The Lindt bunny with two mini eggs, which are elegantly packaged in a tin with the possibility of custom printing. 
    This timeless tin with exclusive custom printing adds a personal touch to your gift and becomes a unique experience for everyone who opens it. Celebrate the festive season with this combination of luxury chocolate, the iconic Lindt bunny and a personal design that carries your corporate brand with refinement and elegance.

  • The egg-shaped milk chocolate lollipops are not only a great sweet treat, but also the perfect way to add a personal touch to any delicious moment. These gorgeous chocolate treats can become a medium for your unique corporate identity or spring/easter theme with a custom imprint on a sticker.

  • The Easter egg made of delicious milk chocolate hides a handful of mini lentils inside, which give each bite a special charm. Create an original and unforgettable gift with the option of custom printing on the wrapper. Whether it be a company logo or an Easter theme, these tasty chocolate surprise eggs not only bring a sweet taste but also a personal touch that will leave an indelible impression.

  • For those looking for a unique experience, we offer Easter cranberries in dark chocolate, combining sweetness with a slightly spicy taste. The cranberries, wrapped in a sturdy paper wrapper, are the perfect opportunity to raise your company's profile, and not just at Easter.

reklamní velikonoční sladkosti - perníčky jako dárek

  • Immerse yourself in the magical world of our exclusive Easter gingerbread biscuits, which not only in taste but also in design create a unique experience for everyone you give them to. Our promotional gingerbread cookies are available in classic circle, rectangle and cute heart shapes. What makes our Easter gingerbread special is not only the delicious taste, but also the ability to customize them to your liking. Each gingerbread is decorated with edible paper, which is fully personalisable. You can choose to carry your company logo, a cheerful Easter motif or a portable advertising message. This printing option gives our gingerbread gifts a personal touch and they become not only a delicious temptation, but also an exceptional way to tell your message.

Make your corporate Easter unforgettable and full of joy with our exclusive selection of delicious Easter sweets, where every taste experience combines tradition with innovation. Adding your own corporate identity to every piece in our range will not only delight your taste senses, but also create an unforgettable experience associated with your brand. Cheer up your employees, business partners and customers with these exceptional promotional confectionery products that stand for care, joy and a unique corporate story. Easter is a time of connection and new beginnings, and our delicious treats with your custom imprint are the perfect way to live these moments to the fullest.

Easter sweets with custom printing

Promotional sweets for Easter

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